21 February 2017

Simple Secrets..

Every now and then you come across a pattern that is so simple in the making but the yarn choices turn it into something stunning and beautiful.

That's the case with this gorgeous Shawl of Secrets by Sarah Knight using Scheepjes Secret Garden Yarn.  Seriously look at that!  It's GORGEOUS!!

This pattern is ridiculously easy!  Don't let all those colours suggest otherwise.  I'd never done a top down triangular shawl before, and this wont be the last one.  Admittedly the garter tab cast on had me a little confuzzled but Sarah has an awesome tutorial with step by step instructions on her blog for those of you who get a little stuck.  I got stuck but managed to nut it out myself before I remembered the tutorial, and with a quick double check I was on the right track.

I've crocheted with Secret Garden before doing a simple ribbed cowl which started my love affair with this yarn.  I've got to say though that I much prefer to knit with it.  For me it's not about which craft I prefer to utilise this yarn with but it's ALL about bringing those colours to life in the most glorious way.

This shawl only takes 7  balls of yarn which surprised me greatly because my crochet ribbed cowl used 3 balls. Well it wasn't that great of a surprise knowing that crochet generally uses more yarn but this was a visual demonstration of the fact for me. This is such a lovely relaxing knit that I found it hard to put down and had it completed in 6 days.

Since making this shawl and showing it off, and trust me, I'm so in love with it that I've showed it off in every conceivable way, it's become the catalyst to some of my die hard crochet friends to take up knitting again or to even learn to knit!  How cool is that??

This shawl is magical.  I've yet to see two that look the same!  The colour changes in the yarn and the starting point of each individual ball brings about totally different looks!

This is my shawl part way through.

My friend Judy's is looking different again.

I've seen ones with a lot more pink in the start.  Every single one is slightly different and it makes for originality for individuals.

I have every intention of making more of  this gorgeous shawl. I've had numerous people ask if they can have or can buy mine.  NO! it's MINE all mine!  But I'll use any excuse to knit another of these beauties. Besides my favourite model Miss Poppy is not likely to part with it anytime soon.

This pattern makes up part of the Scheepjes Yarn The After Party series. You can find it as a digital download on Ravelry or buy it as a leaflet from Scheepjes retailers and Wool Warehouse.

The Secret Garden Yarn is available from Scheepjes Retailers and Wool Warehouse* for international shipping.

If you do make one of these use the #shawlofsecrets on Instagram and other social media so that we can all see the beautiful colour variations.  Don't forget to pop it in your Ravelry projects too!

**Edit: This pattern is now available on Ravelry as a PDF in five languages, English, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish.

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  1. It really is amazing how the colours are so different in every shawl.
    I love this yarn too and have ordered a few of the new colours to mix and match.
    It is a pleasure watching this baby grow and the colour changes make it move along very quickly.
    I think I'll be doing another too.
    But first I have a few WIPs calling.

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying it so much Judy! It's a nice gentle reintroduction to knitting and yours is looking gorgeous!


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