17 February 2017

Blogcrastination, It's a Thing!

When I relaunched this blog a few months ago I was excited!  I love to write and I envisaged myself doing it regularly with at least two blogs a week.  Yep, all good intentions.. so what happened?

Blogcrastination.. that's what happened!

Talking to a friend a few nights ago we both agreed that in these days of social media, Facebook and Instagram have been a wee bit debilitating to our blogs.  I know I get caught up in the moment of posting pictures of a project in progress. then in the excitement of a completed project I will post it anywhere and everywhere.  By the time I've done that, and the euphoria settles I've realised I've not written the blog I intended but I've posted so many pictures of my project, who wants to see it again in a blog post?

I also tend to write on the spur of the moment, an idea will pop into my head and I write it almost instantly, as I did with the Dream Craft Room Catch Up blog and again now. Somewhere I have a list of blog ideas, I have no idea where I put that list nor can I really remember what was on it.

I always intend to write, but then, you know, who wants to write when you can knit!?

For me there's also that little voice in my head that says "Seriously, who's going to read your blog when there are SO many amazing craft blogs out there already?"  The Dream Craft Room Catch Up blog got a LOT of attention, overwhelmingly so, and in my mind for a wee bit I thought I would never replicate that, This is where I came unstuck.  I was putting pressure on myself to come up with that again.

Who's going to read my blog, who would be interested in an invisible blog by a not known crafter? The answer to that is I have no idea. The solution to that is to go back to my original plan for this blog and to just write about what inspires me, to write because I want to and about what I want to with no pressure on myself of readership numbers and stats and all those other things that one can get caught up in.  Its taken me awhile to realise that I was thinking too much about you and not about me.

I have some exciting things coming up.  I've started designing and there is so much to learn about the process. I've been doing some crochet testing for some talented ladies and can't wait to show you what they've designed. I have some knit testing coming up that I'm really excited about.   The Scheepjes Hygge CAL by Kirsten Ballering of Haak Maar Raak has started so that will keep me busy for awhile (I should put some sort of disclaimer in here to state that I am a Scheepjes Yarn Addict and you're bound to see a LOT of scheepjes product if you stick around).  So there are lots of things to inspire me to write about.

So the plan now is to try and blog once a week, to come up with my own  way of doing things and not compare this wee little blog to others, If anyone is here reading this please give my butt a kick every so often and remind me to put the knitting down for a bit and enjoy my love of writing for a moment or two as well.

The time for Blogcrastination is over,


  1. ❤❤❤ walk your own path and love it.

  2. I'm reading, but the best piece of advice I can give you is to write because you enjoy it and about what interests you, not for who is listening. :)

    1. Thanks Tammy. I often forget to do things I love to do for me.


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